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Hiking in the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve: pros and cons

Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve is a unique cultural attraction of Moscow, located in the southern administrative district. The architectural ensembles of the XVIII century, created by order of Empress Catherine II for her vacation, have been preserved here.
The museum-reserve is a set of buildings, a park area and two ponds. The main building - Tsaritsyno Palace - is a true masterpiece of Russian baroque-rococo architecture. Inside the palace there are many expositions telling about the life of the royal family, Russian culture and art of the XVIII century.
The inclusion of «Tsaritsyno» in the UNESCO list of architectural monuments of the world heritage confirms its high cultural significance and interest for tourists from all over the world. Every year tens of thousands of tourists visit the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve to enjoy its beauty and historical significance.
The museum has many thematic exhibitions, periodic concerts and theatrical performances, as well as master classes in ancient crafts. In addition, festivals and various events telling about the life and culture of Russia in the 18th century are held.
The Tsaritsyno Museum is a national heritage that needs to be preserved and saved for future generations. It is a place where you can not only enjoy the beauty of historical architecture, but also walk in the park among centuries-old oaks.

Walks in Tsaritsyno Park

Tsaritsyn Park is one of the most popular places for hiking in Moscow. It is a huge territory with magnificent alleys, ponds, fountains and gardens, which is one of the most beautiful sights of the city.
For lovers of walks, there is plenty to see and do, from the extensive grounds, where you can enjoy beautiful views, to historical sites (palace, theater, museum).
It is pleasant to stroll along many well-maintained paths, enjoy the greenery of century-old trees, silence, fresh air and birdsong. Local architectural sights will allow you to plunge into the era of tsarist Russia and feel the spirit of that time.
You should definitely visit the Baroque palace, which is famous for its magnificent interiors and special coloring. It will also be interesting to get acquainted with the museum exhibits, about which you will learn a lot of new things.
Walking in Tsaritsyno Park is important not only for health, but also for cultural development and spiritual growth. There are all conditions for recreation and fun, both with family or friends and alone with nature, which makes it one of the best places in Moscow.

Pros of hiking in Tsaritsyn Park:

• Walking helps to maintain good health and mood. Here you can walk up to 10 kilometers surrounded by greenery, fresh air, birdsong and rustling leaves, relaxing from the city noise and bustle.

• Walking in nature promotes intuition and creativity. As you explore the park, you will find secluded corners where you can practice meditation, yoga or simply enjoy the silence while contemplating something beautiful.

• This is an opportunity to spend a fun active day outdoors with family or friends. The park has many children's and sports grounds for volleyball/badminton. You can also rent a catamaran or a boat.

• It is an acquaintance with culture and history. The reserve has many attractions: palace, park, fine arts museum, fountains, water structures, natural areas.

• Upon entering the park, one can immediately feel the positive energy of this place. It seems that even the ambient air temperature here is 2-4 degrees higher. And on weekdays, the absence of people and silence are also added.

Minuses of hiking in Tsaritsyn Park:

• Overcrowding. On weekends, especially when the weather is clear and warm, the park usually attracts a huge number of visitors. The various events and festivals held here also attract many tourists and residents.

• Some people find walking in the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve too slow and not giving the desired physical activity. This may be due to the need to move among the crowd, as well as to stop and listen to the sounds of nature.

• Some residents of the metropolis are convinced that it is not worth going out for a daily walk, especially in the Tsaritsyno Park, because leaving your cozy apartment (with a sofa, TV, computer and refrigerator), you get a serious psychological trauma.

• It is forbidden to ride bicycles, walk pets, drink alcoholic beverages, smoke, build bonfires and grill «shashlik» on the territory of the park. This all discourages a certain part of the Moscow population from visiting the reserve. They are firmly convinced that if it is not allowed, then what is there to do there!