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How do you find a true friend?

A friend is a person who is always there for you when you need support or just want to share your thoughts and feelings. He or she is ready to listen to you and support you in any situation.
A friend is someone who pleases you with his friendship and makes your life brighter and more interesting. You can spend time with him/her in a fun and unforgettable way and find understanding in difficult moments.
Friends come in many forms: from childhood, from school or institute, colleagues at work or just those who appeared in our lives by chance. But no matter how they appear, they are invaluable and dear to us.
Friends help us become better people, support us in difficult times, and surround us with their love and care.
Friend is not just a word, but a great importance in the life of each of us. Thanks to friends, our life becomes brighter and fuller, and we feel happier and more secure.
So let's appreciate our friends, and not forget that they are true treasures.

Friendship is a special bond between people based on mutual affection, trust and help. True friendship does not require any material wealth, striking appearance or great achievements. It arises in the heart by itself and does not depend on external circumstances.
With friends you can share your joys, sorrows, thoughts and feelings, and receive support and help in difficult periods of life.
If friendship is real, it knows no boundaries or obstacles. Friends may be at a distance, but the feeling of closeness always remains. Friendship does not require effort and coercion, it manifests itself naturally and brings only positive emotions.
Friendships should be valued and preserved. It is necessary to be able to listen, respect personal space, not to judge or criticize. True friends are always ready to help and support in a difficult moment without asking for anything in return.

Why do you need to have friends?

Having friends is one of the most important and necessary conditions for a full life. They bring joy into our lives, help us to keep a positive attitude, cope with difficulties and problems that arise.
They are our support. In any situation we can turn to them for help and advice. In difficult moments, when it is hard for us, they will give us a shoulder to lean on.
Friends are a source of positivity. We can share our joys and achievements with them, receive emotional energy from them. Without them our life would be monotonous and boring.
They help us broaden our horizons and learn new things. They share their knowledge and experience, helping us to develop and grow as individuals.
Friends are an opportunity to socialize and find like-minded people. Socializing with them helps us to develop communication skills and establish contacts with other people.
Friends are a source of motivation and inspiration. They are ready to support us in our work and help us achieve our goals.

So how do you make friends?

A true friend is something special and valuable in every person's life. It is someone who is always there in difficult moments, ready to support and help in any situation. But how to find such people?

The first thing to do is to decide on the criteria of a true friend. For example, for you, he should be honest, loyal, trustworthy and serious. Other qualities may vary depending on your personal preferences, but these are the basic ones.

The second thing is to take time to make friends. You cannot meet people who can become good friends on the street or on public transportation. Friends are those who understand you and with whom you spend a lot of time and share life experiences.

Third, you need to realize that real friends do not appear instantly. In order to find them, you need to get acquainted with many people and from time to time analyze how well they meet your requirements.

Fourth, if you have found, as it seems to you, a good person, you should let him open up and learn as much as possible about him. To do this, you need to share your successes, experiences or failures with him/her.

Fifth, if you believe that you were born to take and get everything from life, then your friendships will be short. You must accept as a fact: if you give your love to others, help them and give them gifts without expecting anything in return, you will have many friends.

And finally, do not forget that a true friend is a person who is ready not only to share your joy or grief, but also to help you solve life's problems. True friendship arises only on the basis of mutual respect and support.

Is friendship between a man and a woman without intimacy possible?

For a long time it was believed that friendship between a woman and a man without sexual intimacy is impossible. However, to date, many people have become convinced of the opposite. Indeed, a man and a woman can be friends without experiencing sexual attraction.
Of course, there can be difficulties in a relationship if one of the friends starts having feelings for the other. But if both are clear that their relationship remains on the level of friendship, it can last for many years.
It is important to note that for a friendship between a man and a woman to exist, it is essential that they share common interests and values, and their characters are compatible. If they have common goals and hobbies, it helps to strengthen their friendship.
It is also important to realize that friendship between a woman and a man can be different. Some friends may communicate infrequently but still maintain a warm relationship. Others may communicate frequently and spend a lot of time together. But in any case, friendship between different sexes without intimate relations is possible, and can be very strong and long-lasting.