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Is it worth having a cat in a city apartment?

A cat is a pet that is one of the most popular pets around the world. It adapts perfectly to life in an apartment, and can become a real friend for its owners.
Cats are known for their independence and character. They do not require constant attention and care like dogs, for example, but can be very affectionate and devoted to their owners.
Cats are clean animals and constantly take care of their hygiene. They have unique abilities: excellent vision, hearing and reflexes.
A house cat can have a positive effect on human health. For example, its purring is a calming factor, and its caresses to you can reduce stress and anxiety levels.
Cats adapt easily to any environment and do not require a lot of space. They feel happy both in a small studio apartment and in a large house.
In addition, many of them know how to use a litter box as a toilet, which makes them even more convenient to keep in a city apartment.

It is possible and necessary to have a cat in a city apartment if:

• your home is visited by mice and even rats (for example, if you live in an old house on the first floor);

• you have few problems in your life and you want to complicate it further;

• you need a live, fluffy toy that can purr and rub against your legs;

• you are not ready to give your love and friendship to people living in the neighborhood, and look for friends among animals that cannot speak, but can hear you;

• you already have one kitty living in your apartment, and you think it will be much more fun in the company (or you have decided to breed them to earn money);

• you are retired, and have no relatives, friends or girlfriends (that's the kind of person you are), but you want to communicate with someone (I hope the cat can tolerate you);

• you intend to adopt a pet from a cat shelter or the nearest basement;

• you have two weeks to return it to where you recently picked it up;

• you have a nasty relationship with your neighbors and you want to ruin their peace of mind;

• you are prepared to accept that you may have to undergo unpleasant procedures: a cat may have to be neutered and a kitty may have to be spayed.

You should not get a cat in a city apartment if you are not ready:

• to take responsibility for the health and life of this creature;

• tolerate odors from the kitty and the litter box where she goes to the bathroom;

• pay for veterinary services, purchase necessary medications, and get vaccinations when needed;

• Increase your existing internal parasites at the expense of the microflora of the new pet in the apartment;

• accept the fact that your pussy will first sit defecating on the litter tray and then immediately jump onto the kitchen table where the utensils you eat from are;

• tolerate her temper and the various things she will do if she thinks she is being abused;

• buy her high quality milk, cream, sour cream, expensive cat food and cook her delicious food;

• damage to your property (young kittens like to play and sharpen their claws, which will cause damage to upholstered furniture, wallpaper and other items in the apartment);

• coordinate your idea to get a pet with the nearest neighbors, as from your apartment through the draft into the entranceway will be ventilated unpleasant smell;

• devote enough time to a cat that requires regular care of its coat, claws, teeth and ears;

• periodically let your cat go to "cat weddings" (unless he is neutered), from which he will return dirty and battered, but probably happy.

Remember that any animal requires attention and care. Therefore, before making a final decision, consider all the pros and cons.
Getting a cat in a city apartment is a serious step that requires responsibility, time, effort, nerves and financial costs. If you are not ready for it, it is better to give up this idea.