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Why are bats such ugly creatures?

Bats are mammals capable of flying, and usually at night. They differ from other species of mice in that they have developed wings covered with thin skin. Their wings are located on their forelimbs and are connected by a membrane called a "parachute".
Bats play an important role in the ecosystem as they are one of the main pollinators that help in spreading seeds of various plants over large areas.
However, these creatures are often victimized by the misuse of buildings and structures where they try to live. Environmental changes and destruction of trees also have a negative impact on their population numbers.

Features of the life of bats

Bats are marvelous creatures that belong to the group of man-eating animals. They have unique features that allow them to survive in the most unfavorable conditions.

The main ones are as follows:

The first feature is the ability to fly.
They can maneuver quickly in the air, travel at high speeds, fly a short distance from the ground and even backwards. Their wings consist of a membrane stretched over the finger bones of their forelimbs.

The second is to hunt at night.
They use a special type of echolocation that allows them to detect prey in the dark. The sound signals they produce are reflected off obstacles and returned to them as waves, allowing them to determine the exact distance and location of their prey.

The third is to live in large colonies.
They live in caves, tree hollows and on the roofs of buildings. Their colonies can number from fifty to several hundred or even thousands of individuals.

Why are bats so nasty looking?

One reason is that they do not meet our standards of beauty. We are used to seeing as beautiful animals those who have a cute face, kind eyes and smooth fur. Bats, on the other hand, do not have this appearance, so we find them unattractive.
Yes, they have a very distinctive appearance that may seem disgusting and frightening. Their wings are covered with skin and their muzzle resembles that of a rat. Such features are disgusting to most people.
But it is important to realize that beauty is a subjective concept. Flying bats may not be beautiful to us, but they fulfill an important role in the ecosystem and help maintain the right balance in nature. In addition, many species of bats are unique and rare, and their conservation is an important task for our planet.
We need to stop judging animals based on their appearance alone, and start respecting them for their important role in nature.