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Why do you need a website?

Before speculating about why, who needs a website, and why, you need to define what it is.
A website is one of the most important elements of modern business. It is an online platform on the Internet, which can be only one page or consist of several thousand pages, and contain information about the company, its products/goods produced and sold, its services and other.

Here are a few reasons why a website is needed:

• Representation on the Internet.
Without a website, any company will not be able to present itself on the internet, which will result in missing out on a large number of potential clients or customers.

• Increased brand awareness.
A properly made website helps to improve brand recognition and increase customer confidence in the company, its products, goods or services.

• Sale of goods and services.
The online platform allows people to buy goods and services at any time of the day, which is convenient for both the company and customers.

• Competitiveness.
Having a website with a catchy design, helps a company stand out from the competition and attract more potential customers.

Stages of website development:

• Scheduling.
At this stage, goals and objectives are defined, project design and functionality are thought through, the platform is chosen, and the technologies to be used are selected.

• Design and layout.
This is where the visual part of the project is created, including the design and layout of web pages.

• Programming.
At this stage, the required functionality is defined and the necessary tools are selected to accomplish the task at hand.

• Testing.
After all the work is completed, the site is tested to make sure that it works and there are no technical errors.

• Accommodation.
The project is placed on hosting, registered in search engines, indexed and becomes available for visitors.

Costs of creating a website

Total costs may vary depending on the complexity and functionality of the web project.

However, a few major costs can be emphasized:

• Domain Name.
The cost of domain registration can range from 300 to 500.000 rubles per year.

• Hosting.
The price of hosting depends on many parameters, and ranges from 200 to 1.500 rubles per month.

• Project Development.
Costs for its creation vary from 3.000 to 300.000 rubles, depending on the type of project, total number of pages, complexity of design and functionality.

• Search engine promotion and advertising.
The cost of promotion and advertising of the resource - from 40.000 rubles monthly.
Author of the article - Alexander Ivanov