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Windows operating system

Windows is one of the most popular and feature-rich operating systems in the world. Created by Microsoft in 1985, it is designed for personal computers, but is also used on servers and mobile devices.
Windows provides the user with a wide range of features as well as flexibility in customization and management. As of June 2023, the operating system has been released in eleven versions, each acquiring additional features.
One of the main features of Windows is its intuitive interface. The user can easily customize the operating system to his needs, as well as install various programs and applications that make work on the computer more convenient and efficient.
Windows is also a platform for gaming and entertainment. It supports many games and applications that help you relax and have a good time.

The main differences between the Windows operating system and MacOS

Windows and MacOS are the most popular operating systems for use on personal computers today.

However, they have significant differences from each other. These are:

• Graphical Interface.
MacOS is known for its simplified and intuitive interface, which allows the user to quickly find the necessary elements and settings when needed. Windows, on the other hand, has a slightly more complex interface that will be a bit more difficult for a novice to master.

• Computer Security.
MacOS is renowned for its reliability and security. This is because the platform has a unique structure that protects it from viruses and malware. Whereas Windows is more vulnerable to viruses and trojans.

• Program Compatibility.
Windows is a more popular operating system (OS) than MacOS. As a consequence, most programs and games are written for it. While for MacOSx it is more difficult to find the right program or a good game that will work with it.

• Hardware Compatibility.
Windows can be installed on the vast majority of personal computers, including budget versions. While MacOS can only function on computers manufactured by Apple. This is a significant barrier for those who would like to use the MacOSx platform but are not ready to buy a very expensive iMac or MacBook.

• Price.
The two operating systems have different price points. Microsoft's operating system is the more affordable option, which can be purchased for relatively little money. MacOSx, on the other hand, is considerably more expensive than its competitor.

The merits of the Windows operating system:

• Ease of use.
The OS has an intuitive interface that allows even beginners to get used to it quite quickly. Most users who have worked with it reasonably believe that it is one of the simplest platforms.

• A wide range of software.
Most of the programs that are presented on the Internet by various developers are available for installation on this system, which makes it the most convenient today, both for home and professional use.

• Compatible with most devices.
Almost all electronic manufacturers create drivers for their devices that are compatible with Microsoft's operating system. This means that the user will always be able to easily connect any device he needs to his computer.

• Good level of defense.
The platform initially provides an acceptable level of protection against malware and viruses. It has a built-in antivirus package that protects your computer from most known threats. In addition, the antivirus program is periodically updated (if there is an Internet connection), which provides a high level of protection.

• Support and Updates.
There is technical support available round the clock to users in any country of the world. If any problem arises, you can contact the support service, which will promptly help to solve any issue. In addition, the operating system is constantly updated, bugs are fixed and its functionality is improved.

Disadvantages of the Windows operating system:

• Weak protection against viruses and malware.
Windows is often targeted by hackers and cyber criminals, leading to serious problems. There are also many viruses and Trojans on the Internet that can infect a user's computer.

• The need for constant updating.
The OS requires regular updates, which sometimes leads to malfunctioning of programs installed on the computer, due to incompatibility.

• Instability.
The system may occasionally freeze, resulting in loss of unsaved data and inconvenient operation.

• High price of the license to use.
Windows is a commercial operating system, which means you have to pay money to use it.