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Rules for visiting a sauna or bathhouse

As a private specialist, I am engaged in the development, maintenance and promotion of websites. This work takes a lot of energy from me, and in order to restore it, I go to the public Tsaritsyn baths every week. I have been addicted to it for a long time, I have a bathing experience of more than 30 years.

Visiting a bathhouse is a kind of ritual, in which there is a cleansing of the soul and body from everything that weighs us down.
Avid fans of steam bathing do it regularly, every week allocating a bathing day for it. It becomes a tradition and necessity for them. In a good bathhouse you can get real pleasure and an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and problems.

Varieties of pairings

Russian bath is a room for washing with simultaneous action of water and steam. The temperature in the steam room is maintained at - 70-80 degrees Celsius, and the air humidity is 60-70%. In the steam room is hot enough, but the body is not overheated and the skin is not burned. The body is heated deeply and evenly.

Finnish sauna is a steam room with high air temperature (90-110 degrees Celsius) and low humidity (not more than 20%). Thanks to the low humidity, even elderly people and children can comfortably stay in the steam room.

The Russian-Finnish variant is when water (ideally with alcoholic herbal infusions) is applied to the sauna stove in order to achieve high temperature and air humidity.

Useful properties of the steam room

Hot steam stimulates the normal work of sweat and sebaceous glands and cleanses the skin of dead cells. The abundant sweat removes toxins and toxins from the body. The mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract experiences an intense heat effect.
Bath, eliminating stagnant processes in the large and small circles of blood circulation, contributes to the normalization of the entire cardiovascular system. Increase metabolic processes occurring in cells, skin tissues begin to absorb oxygen more actively. Excess lactic acid, which is the cause of fatigue, is removed with sweat.
Bathing procedures improve digestion and reduce acidity. The contrasting temperatures and aromatherapy also have a positive effect, which reduces general nervous tension.
After visiting a sweat lodge, there is an increase in white blood cells in the blood, which play a major role in the immune defense of the human body.
Improves psychological state, heat relaxes muscles, tones, relieves fatigue, perfectly restores vitality.

General rules for preparing and visiting a bathhouse (sauna) for maximum benefit and highest pleasure:

1. Two hours before the visit do not eat anything (you can only drink water, tea, eat fruit).

2. The last meal of the bathing day should be completely carbohydrate (for example, porridge on water, bread, green tea, pastries). You should not drink coffee, eat protein and fatty foods (meat, fish, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, lard, butter).

3. Obligatory bath set: a cap (wool, felt), slippers, two thick towels on which you will sit in the steam room and rest area. Also: loofah, soap, shampoo, bathrobe, towel for wiping.

4. You should enter the steam room only naked (synthetic bathing suits spoil the whole effect and bring unpleasant odors).

5. Use herbal tinctures (for example, pharmacy alcohol tinctures: peppermint, eucalyptus, calendula, valerian, rosehip or brew them yourself) for giving on stones. Dilute tinctures bought at the pharmacy should be in hot water in a ratio of 1:15. It is better not to buy various oils (sold in Moscow pharmacies, as a rule, it is chemistry) and beer to pour on the sauna heater is categorically not allowed, but only to splash on the walls for odor.

6. After the first run "dry" (undress and immediately go into the steam room on the lower shelf for gentle warming up of the body, 5 minutes) you need to wash thoroughly with a washcloth. That is, it is necessary to wash not after the bath, but before!

7. You should stick to the following schedule of visiting the steam room: three runs of 4 minutes each, then a break of 8 minutes. On the seventh run you should feel "inner joy", you will feel divinely good and goosebumps will run down your back. If this does not happen, it means that you have not been in a bathhouse for a long time - your body has already forgotten these wonderful sensations.
For information: for 3 hours I make 15 visits to the steam room, as a result I lose 2.5 kg of weight, provided that I drink 2.5 liters of liquid (water, juice, tea), that is, in fact, I lose 5 kg.

8. After each visit to the steam room, with the exception of all the third, after which you go to rest, you should dip your head in an ice bath (for 8 seconds), or abundantly doused with cold water under the shower. The head should also be cooled, otherwise the next day it may hurt. After the third round (before each break) you should rinse thoroughly with warm water under the shower - to wash off sweat and secretions.

9. It is desirable not to talk in the steam room, but to breathe calmly and deeply, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. It is great if it is possible to lie down on a shelf and put your legs above your head, resting them against the wall.

10. It is not allowed to enter the steam room and sit in plastic/rubber slippers, only barefoot or in special felt slippers.

11. Periodically (every 40 minutes) the steam room should be ventilated for 5 minutes by opening the door, ventilation hatch and twirling a towel.

12. During the breaks you may drink only water, kvass, tea, compote or morsels. Vodka and beer are not recommended! If your goal is to "get drunk", it is better to stay at home in front of the TV and invite your drinking buddies for company, and send your wife to her mother for a couple of days.

13. If you go to a bathhouse in a company, it makes sense to take two brooms with you or buy them there (birch - 300 rubles, oak - 350 rubles), and steam each other well. Whipping with a broom should be carried out in the direction from the extremities to the heart.

14. If you are an inveterate smoker, refrain from your addiction for the duration of the bath - don't smoke! After receiving bathing procedures, you may not want to do it ever again.

Contraindications to visiting a bath (sauna):

1. You have a cold and your body temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius.

2. You have high blood pressure.

3. Your age is over 50, and you have never been in a bath in your life (there is no point in starting, you have a bath at home).