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Why don't stores sell turkey eggs?

Turkey eggs are a product that is becoming increasingly popular among health food lovers. Compared to chicken eggs, they are larger in size and have harder shells.
One of the main advantages of turkey eggs is their rich composition. They contain a lot of protein, iron, vitamins A and D, as well as valuable trace elements (selenium, iodine). Such a composition is very useful for our health. It helps control weight and strengthens the immune system.
Turkey testicles are an excellent choice for those who are closely monitoring their blood cholesterol levels. They contain less saturated fat and cholesterol than chicken eggs. This makes them an ideal product for people who suffer from cardiovascular disease or want to reduce the risk of it.
In addition, turkey eggs have a richer flavor than chicken eggs. They can be used for many dishes including: omelets, casseroles and salads.

Main differences between turkey eggs and chicken eggs

These two types of testicles are some of the most common foods.

They have many similarities, but a number of differences are also present:

• Appearance.
The main difference is size. Turkey testicles are usually larger than chicken testicles, usually twice as large. They also have thicker shells with a coarser texture.

• Nutritional Value.
Turkey eggs and chicken eggs have similar nutritional value. However, turkey eggs are usually higher in protein, fat, and calories.

• Flavor.
Chicken and turkey testicles have a similar flavor, but some people do note that the latter has a more intense flavor.

Why are there no turkey testicles on the shelves of Moscow stores?

Turkey eggs are not as often seen on the market as chicken eggs.

This is due to several reasons.

First, turkeys lay significantly fewer eggs than chickens. A single turkey can lay about 100 in a year, while a hen can lay more than 300. This means that turkeys are not a profitable choice for testicle production on an industrial scale.

Second, eating turkey eggs is not as common as eating chicken eggs. They have a larger size and weight, thicker shells, high costs of their production, and, accordingly, the cost. The price of one turkey egg is 5-7 times more expensive than a chicken egg, which is not attractive to most consumers.

Third, to conserve turkey stock, they are used to raise chicks, so their production is limited.

However, for those who want to try something new, turkey testicles can be found at specialty stores and farmers markets.