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«Creamy porridge» recipe

I, like many big city dwellers, love to eat good food, especially in the morning.
After an evening's tedious work of creating, maintaining and promoting customer websites, it just becomes a necessity. One of my favorite dishes for breakfast in the morning is milk porridge made of seven kinds of cereals with coconut milk or cream, which I prepare for myself every day - this responsible process cannot be entrusted to anyone else.

Ready to share my recipe with you, polished over the years.

Ingredients needed (per serving for one person):

1. Corn groats - one tablespoon (here and hereinafter without a slide).
2. Poltava wheat groats - one tablespoon.
3. Millet - one tablespoon.
4. Long-grain rice - half a tablespoon.
5. Buckwheat spelt or ground buckwheat (in a coffee grinder) - a teaspoon.
6. Barley groats - a teaspoonful.
7. Hercules (oat flakes, cooking time 10-15 minutes) - a tablespoon.
8. Bran (any kind) - a teaspoon.
9. Flax seeds - a teaspoonful.
10. Sesame seeds - 1/3 teaspoon.
11. Sugar (cane sugar) - a teaspoon.
12. Salt (Himalayan, pink) - 1/3 teaspoon.
13. Coconut milk (liquid, 17% fat content) or cream (10% fat content) - 150 ml.


A one-liter saucepan, preferably stainless steel with a thick bottom.

Cooking process

Before we start boiling porridge (I usually do it in the evening) in a clean and dry mug pour all the cereals, sugar and salt (that is, all the ingredients mentioned in points 1 to 12).

The pot is filled with 150-180 ml of drinking water, after which it is placed with the lid closed on an electric stove (the heating temperature regulator is set to 7) and brought to a boil (bubbles begin to rise from the bottom) - it will take 8 minutes.

All the cereals, sugar and salt are poured into the boiling water from a previously prepared mug, and all this is thoroughly mixed. We cover the pot with a lid and reduce the intensity of heating the stove (the regulator is moved to the position 1.5) and the porridge is cooked for 7 minutes on "low heat".

Next, after seven minutes, coconut milk or cream (150 ml) is poured into the pan and the contents of the pan are stirred thoroughly.

Then the handle of the stove is turned to number 1 (heat is still reduced), the pan is tightly covered with three towels or a special multi-layer cloth cover, and in this mode is kept for 15 minutes.

Then the electric stove is turned off, and the pot of porridge continues to languish "under the coat" for another hour.

While the porridge is stewing, you have a great opportunity to put on a tracksuit and sneakers and do 40 minutes of physical exercise outside (good warm-up, walking, running, and if you live near a river, lake, sea or ocean, swimming is an additional option). Believe me, it is very useful and will increase your appetite - "breakfast must be earned".

After an hour of stewing the dish is completely ready - you can sit down to the table! If you think the porridge is already cold, you can stir it and warm it up a little.

If you've done everything right, according to the suggested recipe, I'm sure you'll like the porridge very much.

I recommend eating porridge with bread spread with quality butter and heated in the microwave (under the grill). The number of slices of bread is up to you - from 1 to 3.

As a first course for breakfast, I suggest making and eating - "President's Yogurt" (another one of my signature recipes).

Also, I highly recommend drinking two glasses of warm water twenty minutes before breakfast!