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Recipe for «Yogurt Presidential Style»

Unfortunately, I am not young anymore, so I have to be careful about what I eat and drink. To normalize proper intestinal function, I eat a mug of yogurt in the mornings as a first course for breakfast.
Yogurt, made with a certain recipe, has become one of my favorite breakfast foods for the past few years.

I want to share with you a recipe I came up with.

Necessary ingredients:
(per serving)

• Kefir or bio-yogurt - 120 grams
• Coconut milk or cream 10% - 30 grams
• Muesli - 1 tablespoon
• Raisins (Uzbek, black, "terma") - 15 berries
• Barberries - 15 berries
• Bran (any kind of bran) - 1 teaspoon
• Flax seeds (ground) - 1 teaspoon
• Black sesame seeds (ground) - 1 teaspoon
• Amaranth seeds - 1 teaspoon
• Milk thistle seeds (ground) - 1 teaspoon
• Black cumin seeds (ground) - a little bit
• Chia seeds - 1 teaspoon
• Pumpkin seeds (peeled) - 8 pieces
• Whole cloves (ground) - a little bit
• Coconut shavings - 1 teaspoon
• Flaxseed or olive oil (unrefined) - 1 tablespoon


A 0.5 liter mug.

Cooking process

Rinse the raisins and barberries twice for 15 minutes each well in a mug of warm water (stirring occasionally). Strictly not boiling water! The vitamins on the peel are destroyed. Then completely drained the water and leave the berries in the mug under a lid for 20 minutes.

Next, layer the products listed in the ingredients section (kefir, milk, granola, bran, seeds, coconut) in the amounts listed in another mug.

Mix it all up thoroughly.

Then pour into a mug washed berries (raisins, barberries) and for 10 minutes put it in a pot of hot water, stirring occasionally to heat the yogurt to a temperature of 35 degrees.

For the final step, pour linseed oil or olive oil on top.

The whole dish is ready to eat!

You should eat prepared «Yogurt Presidential» in the following way: put one teaspoon of yogurt in your mouth, and, closing your eyes slowly chew it. After swallowing a portion, repeat the procedure.

If you have fully followed the recipe I have suggested and used quality products, I am sure you will be very happy with the result. You have never tasted such an amazingly tasty dish before.

You can experiment further with the suggested recipe and add your favorite ingredients. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences!

After eating yogurt (as a first course for breakfast), I usually have a «Creamy Porridge» (also made from my recipe) with bread (3 slices) drizzled with olive oil and heated in the microwave (on "grill" mode).

Among other things, I strongly suggest drinking 2 glasses of warm water 20 minutes before breakfast!