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The uniqueness of text information on the site is as important as its literacy, relevance and informativeness. In order to achieve uniqueness of content often resort to rewriting of texts already published on the Internet.

Rewriting is a complete revision of a text document by writing a new version of it in your own words while preserving the main meaning of the source. A professional rewriter rewrites an article so that it becomes a completely independent work, and sometimes even better than the original source.

Rewriting and copywriting have a lot in common. Sometimes it's impossible to say exactly where rewriting ends and copywriting begins. As a rule, these activities are engaged in the same specialists. But text rewriting is not considered an author's work, so it is cheaper. For websites mainly order SEO-rewriting or editing of an existing article for a specific set of promoted keywords.

When is rewriting better than copywriting?

• The customer has original texts with high uniqueness, but with poor readability (after rewriting we get a readable, close to the original document).
• New presentation of unchanged information: instructions, GOSTs, technical specifications.
• Competitors have copied texts from your site and placed them on theirs (text content replacement is necessary).
• The client has a limited budget.

There are several types of rewriting that differ in the way they are performed and their purpose.

Rewriting comes in different complexity and depth:

• In-depth - a thorough reading of the original text and study of the topic being described, without going beyond the information originally embedded in it.

• Light - retaining the structure, style and all information present in the original source.

More than one source is usually used for a rewrite. The structure and style of presentation can be changed at the customer's request.

Professional rewriting is not an easy craft, as it seems at first glance. Many people mistakenly believe that processing textual information is an elementary occupation. After all, having the original article, create a new version of it is much easier than writing a text from scratch. Do not overestimate your own strength, and order a rewrite from the masters of the pen.

Rewriting is not a mindless mechanical rewriting, but a complex analytical work. A professional rewriter always studies the topic and conveys the meaning of the author's material in his own words, without grammatical and technical errors, as well as without violating the generally accepted rules of narration. Beginning "scribblers" simply rearrange words, change their endings, dilute the article with their own reasoning. And high-quality rewriting can be performed only by specialists with extensive experience, who know various methods of processing textual information and have written hundreds of articles.

Consider the following when selecting a contractor:

• professional works with texts of any complexity and volume, does not make grammatical, stylistic and syntactic errors;
• an experienced reporter will perform the task with the highest quality and in a short period of time;
• specialist will ensure a high level of uniqueness and readability of the text, as well as the harmonious incorporation of important keywords corresponding to search queries.

You end up saving your time while getting a great result.
So why take the risk? A good text content rewriting brings a lot of positive aspects. Your site will have unique texts written competently and with meaning. Rewriting on time is performed much faster than copywriting, which guarantees the efficiency of creating a large number of articles for the site.

Alexander Ivanov's web-studio performs rewriting of any articles - from review and informational to scientific and technical.

Benefits of «Avacym» web-studio:

• high uniqueness of created texts;
• their absolute literacy;
• the accuracy and impartiality of the communication of the original information;
• articles are interesting for readers and optimized for search engines;
• individual approach (emphasis, structure, style).
Author of the article - Alexander Ivanov