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Text content exchanges

A text content exchange is a service that sells and buys texts on various topics.

The author, wishing to sell articles written in creative agony or find customers for future works, is registered as a copywriter on article exchanges, which are intermediaries between the performers, writing texts to order for money and customers of articles. In this situation, the exchange acts as a guarantor of payment for the labor of the performer, as well as receiving the customer unique content for the site, in the form of a ready-made article, previously offered for sale, or text written in accordance with its technical specifications.

Copywriter is given the right to declare himself as an executor of orders for writing texts, as well as to place his already created works "in the store of articles" for sale.

The customer, in turn, can buy ready-made articles "in the store" and place orders to find an executor to write the text taking into account their specific wishes.

From the purchase and sale of ready-made or commissioned articles from the performer and the customer exchange withholds a commission of 5 to 20%. Each has its own conditions, some of them take commission only from authors.

Realized "in the store of articles" ready-made options at a cost much cheaper than texts written to order. However, there are several significant points - it is that you do not know the author's style, how competent, professional and deeply disclosed the topic, that is, you buy a "cat in the bag". From my experience I will inform you that out of ten purchased ready-made articles, five of them will be just disgusting quality and content - "verbal diarrhea" without any semantic load. Therefore, be prepared for this, especially this applies to materials prepared by the method of rewriting, up to 4.000 characters, the price of up to 300 rubles.

The cost of an article is calculated based on the price per 1.000 characters and the amount of text. It is unclear why, but many exchanges in calculating the cost of not only characters (letters), but also spaces, that is, for the "air" between words, they also charge money - "it's our way". Professional copywriters take money only for the total number of characters without taking into account the spaces.

A copywriting article is a text created without using any sources.

The text prepared by the method of rewriting is a material formed by processing "someone else's" document (one or more) with preserving the original meaning.

It should be taken into account that nowadays everyone is rushing to make money, even those who in their youth had only a grade of three in Russian. Quality has long been forgotten, quantity is in the foreground.
Some rewriters pull this trick - take someone else's material, generate it with the help of a special computer program, creating, for example, ten drafts. Then fluently proofread and tweak the resulting texts, come up with different names, and put on various exchanges for sale ten articles. If you take your time, carefully and thoughtfully read such "creations", it becomes nauseating and frustrating for their wasted money. With such materials I sometimes had to work for 4 hours to not be ashamed to place them on the pages of their site. Their only plus is the cost of 250 to 400 rubles.

Thus, if you are not given to independently create unique texts, then through forums, article exchanges or acquaintances look for a copywriter who will be able to take into account and qualitatively fulfill all your wishes, specified in the terms of reference prepared by you.
The main advantage of this option is that an experienced copywriter knows how to create seo-texts for websites and how to harmoniously embed in them the necessary keywords corresponding to search queries.
The only disadvantage is the decent costs. So, for 1.000 characters will have to pay from 130 to 250 rubles, and a full article for a site of 7.000 characters will cost an average of 1.100 rubles. Take into account that for a serious site they should be prepared at least 30 pieces.

If this option is expensive for you, then buy on the exchange ready-made articles, focusing on their cost from 500 to 700 rubles, preferably made by copywriting. Anything cheaper is good only to place on a third-party resource as an informational material with a link to your site (as an element of article promotion).

A list of popular text content exchanges:

Author of the article - Alexander Ivanov